Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Introduction: Jasmine Melvin


This is Zully and Ryan Melvin.  We are the proud parents of a brave little 2 year old named Jasmine Melvin.  Jasmine likes to a lot of things that 2 year olds like to do such as sing, dance, and chase our dog throughout the house.  Her favorite things to do are watch Dora, Fresh Beat Band, and play with her toys.

Jasmine is truly a blessing to her Family, Friends, and everyone who spends time with her.

On December 29th 2012 our family's lives changed.  After visiting family in Maryland and watching her health decline, we rushed her to Shady Grove Hospital in Maryland.  They ran tests on her including blood work, an ultra sound, and many other tests.  At that point, the Doctor comes in and tells us that our daughter has a large mass in her stomach that may be malignant and they are rushing us to the Children's National Medical Center in Washington DC.  We are shocked and devastated but we continue to look for answers and continue on our Faith in God and know that he will get us through this.
After countless tests and talking with some of the best Doctors in the country, Jasmine was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, which is a rare cancer, almost a week later on January 11, 2013.  Jasmine has been through a number of procedures in the past few weeks and has constantly showed her strength through this process.  We continue to have Faith and we know that she will come out of this better than ever as God watches over her. 

As we watch our daughter Jasmine fight this fight against cancer.  We notice that she is not only strong but she is JASMINE STRONG! Please pray for Jasmine as well as Family and Friends as we continue this fight.

We will use this blog as an update to her condition and as a information portal regarding her treatment.

Many people are asking what they can do to help.  If you would like to donate, please visit any Wells Fargo location and tell them you would like to donate to the Team Jasmine: Beating Cancer fund.  **Donations will be used to help cover costs associated with Jasmine's care that are not covered by insurance including travel, food, lodging, and missed work.

 Also, please continue to keep our daughter lifted in your prayers.

Thanks so much and God Bless!


  1. What a great blog young Melvin. Thanks for setting this up and sharing Jasmine's story with the world. Our inspirational angel is going to beat this thing with God's grace and her faithful village cheering her on. Jasmine strong!

  2. She has already shown tremendous strength! our little fighter makes us proud. I feel privileged that she chose us to be her family...can't wait to see her dancing to the "fresh beat band" and sing to "call me maybe" once again.

  3. Ms. Jazzy Jazz held my hand and smiled at me today, I am so HAPPY!!! She is usually asleep when I go see her, but this time she gave me a wonderful gift! Zully and I played peekaboo with her and she thought it was funny. Update from her Titi Lizzy is that she is doing AWESOME!!!

  4. We are definitely keeping Jasmine in our prayers. #TeamJasmineStrong

  5. Jasmine is so strong. She will beat this. Thinking of you and her wonderful family, prayers tonight for you. love taylor and marie

  6. We are continuing to pray for Jasmine's strength and courage. Malia says prayers for her also. You all are in our thoughts daily.

  7. Pat and I are so happy to hear the good news about Jasmine. God is in control and we will continue to pray for not only Jasmine, but the entire family. Father God is still the Great Physican. Peace, comfort and blessings to all of you.

    Chaplain john
    Olde English Leathernecks - Marine Corps League
    Rock Hill, SC

  8. Amazing story!!!.. Have you guys tried any natural alternatives??.. Also, please check out this link. Give them a call... No chemo or other man-made chemicals... Simply science the natural way... ... Will definitely be praying for babygirl JasmineStrong!!!

  9. Also if you have access to please view this amazing video: Burzynski